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Anna Pitscheider is a published filmmaker and photographer with deep experience in documentary and promotional film.

I am devoted to capture your inner beauty, the unique, authentic, crystal clear pure essence of your special moments: your ceremony, your family portrait, your fashion event, your art performance, your real estate and wellness concept.

Refraining from clichéI look for inside-out radiant, powerful images.

We are souls with bodies. Every age unfolds insight. Faces are landscapes.

I come from a family or visual artists, I started making photos with the analogue camera, printing my own pictures in black and white.

This back ground led me naturally to see images like something to be created slowly and for a meaning.

To take a picture means to frame what you will see in the future, limiting your visual and layering your space, caring about structure and details, light and shadow, colour and masses, fullness and emptiness. Awareness.

Focus. Is a research, a process in the direction of surprising perfection, a path to the intimate beauty!

You would love watching over and over in few years sincere images, beautiful and precious moments that tell a story about the real emotion that was involved.

From a solid preparation to a complete production process I point to a communication that is sincere, transparent and lyric, inviting the spectator to use his own human perception.

I am a story teller wishing to enrich my book with your personal story.

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