Can Ros – Old House Museum

Can Ros is an old country home converted into a local ethnography museum, a perfect example of rural Ibizan architecture.

The porxo (principal room), the kitchen, the different cases de dormir (bedrooms), the olive oil mill, the upper porxet (balcony), the well and the cistern.

This exhibition includes everything from traditional outfits to jewellery to domestic objects used in country homes.

There are farming tools and for specific trades or tasks, musical instruments, weapons and objects for personal use.

This permanent exhibition is complemented by monographic temporary shows, as well as offering Handicraft Workshops.

This is where different traditional artisans show us how to make musical instruments, clothing, rope-soled sandals, toys and objects made with vegetable fibres.

During your visit to Can Ros, you can ask to see some of the historical-ethnographic videos that are part of the collection here.

Check out ‘May Day’ HERE

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