Entertainment & Live Music

Entertainment and live music can be found in and around the different bars and restaurants in Santa Eulalia del Rio. There are also many live music destinations within a short taxi ride from the town.

Some venues change their acts every week, others only let you know what is actually on the same day by advertising outside, so it’s a case of the right place at the right time.

Most bars have large TV’s to show off the latest popular programs and all the latest live sports, with the World cup on in 2018.

  • George Michael – Tribute Show

    Mirage Cabaret Bar – Legends Night – Tuesday 09th July 2019. Had a very interesting and rewarding night out last night, everywhere was busy but the place to be and be seen was the Mirage...
  • Hey Buddy! – Swing Lounge Trio

    Hey Buddy! – Swing Lounge Trio – Performing live @ Hostel Yebisah Sorry we have no contact details.
  • Elvis Presley Tribute

    Elvis Presley Tribute – Live @ Mirage Bar
  • Tina Turner Tribute Show

    ‘Bupsi’ as Tina Turner The packed mirage Bar was in for a treat last night as the UK’s number tribute to Tin Turner to the roof off the place. X FACTOR contestant Nicola ‘Bupsi’ 37,...
  • Somiart Restaurant & Show Bar

    Somiart Restaurant & Show Bar is situated in one of the best sea front places, an unusual shaped building surrounded by palm trees and fine netting. This superb setting has a tinted array of colours and comfortable seating, perfect to sit...
  • Es Broll – Traditional Folk Dancers

    Es Broll, Traditional Folk Dancers at the Puig de Missa Church, Santa Eulalia del Rio. Ibiza. Es Broll, the components of the Folkloric Group “Es Broll” feeling that we are heirs of our history, we...
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