Celler Can Pere Restaurant

Celler Can Pere Restaurant

Celler Can Pere has been serving superb dishes for more than 60 years, the building itself still carries the traditional style of the early Ibicencan design.

The old vintage style throughout the is typical Ibiza, even some of the original seating can still be found inside although very low down.

When entering this restaurant it’s like taking a step back in time to when Sr Pere Tur first opened the doors to start selling and serving food all those years ago.

Since the very early days the building has practically doubled in size running from the restaurant street through to the main high street.

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  1. DannyBoy Reply

    Love the food in this restaurant, had Suckling Pig for a birthday treat last time there. I can still taste it now when I think about it, fantastic. Great food and nice people, waiters always seemed in a rush but good at what they do. See you soon.

  2. CarmenF Reply

    My husband and I always visit this restaurant and we love to sit inside to take in the atmosphere of this wonderful old building. The food is superb and the waiters are very laid back which helps, no rushing you to take orders here. The food is superb and we have over the many visits here, probably tried everything from the choices of fish or meat. Only remark against is, the small seats inside are very uncomfortable and need more or thicker cushions. We will return.