EasyJet emails Brexit advice to passengers

EasyJet emails Brexit advice to passengers

EasyJet has begun emailing passengers to reassure them that their flights will continue as normal in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

With just days to go until Britain’s intended departure from the EU and no agreement reached, easyJet is telling customers that regardless of the outcome of negotiations, its services won’t be affected.

However, the email reminds passengers to check that their passports are valid for travel, especially in the event of a no-deal Brexit, directing them to the UK government website for further information.

The email says: “Just in case you’re wondering if Brexit will affect your trip you can rest easy as we have it all covered. Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing Brexit debate we’ve been busy planning and will continue to fly as usual. So, all you need to do is concentrate on planning for your trip.”

MPs will vote tomorrow to try to find out what kind of Brexit has the most support in the House of Commons, although Prime Minister Theresa May has said she won’t necessarily abide by their wishes.

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