Hippy Markets

Hippy Markets in Ibiza are a must visit for every tourist to enjoy when on the white island, anyone who has been to one of them knows how fantastic they are.

The first hippy market started back 1969 in  ‘Punta Arabi’ in Es Cana which was started by young hippy’s as a meeting place to sell and exchange their artifacts.

Now a top attractions for every holiday-makers because Ibiza has strong artistic roots going back to the early ’60s when artisans, painters and designers flocked to the island.

  • Cala Llenya – Sundays

    Cala Llenya market Cala Llenya market is an all year round and known locally as the Sunday Car Boot day. It’s a real weekend treat and somewhere for the locals to go and find a bargain in the winter out of tourist season and also something to do in the summer time. Some great...
  • Las Dalias – Saturdays

    Las Dalias – Saturdays Las Dalias founded in 1954 in a roadside bar in San Carlos a destination that became a meeting place for al the locals of the village then people from other small communities like Es Canar began making it a regular haunt for buying or selling anything....
  • San Juan – Sundays

    San Juan Hippy Market – Sundays San Juan hippy market is in a very pretty plaza, here they have all stalls selling all kinds of hand made things and are open all year round. Open from 10am to 4pm on Sundays and is a big draw not only from the locals but...
  • Street Markets in town

    Street Markets iare on everyday during the summer season and always looks so picturesque with all the colours and trees giving people some shade to wander through the many stalls. A very popular destination in the center of town with lots of nice bars and restaurants close by.
  • Es Canar – Wednesdays

    Punta Arabi – Hippy Market – Es Cana Wednesdays – All Day Punta Arabi Hippy market was the first and is still the biggest on the island of Ibiza and has been since its inauguration in 1969,. Back in those early days they would meet up and sell and share their wears to...

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