Ibiza Bus One service in Ibiza we are lucky to have is the ‘IbizaBus’ service, which runs a fantastic service to the Airport and all resorts and towns around the island.

The Airport service that runs from most resorts right across the island directly to and from the Airport.

Other cross island services are also available on certain days especially through the summer season, or sometimes everyday but only possible once a day.

There is the City of Ibiza service where actually most buses either start or end up and also maybe for certain destinations you change buses here.

There is the very successful Disco Bus which operates from the 1st of June to the end of September and picks from many easy to get to pick-up zones.

The best thing to do is go to their very well made website where you can see route plans and pick-up zones also the approximate times.

The Ibiza / Airport / Disco Bus website HERE

For large groups or special VIP click HERE

U.K Bus Services and Booking HERE