Ibiza Car Hire

Renting a car was always an expensive treat when on holiday, now those days have now gone and the car hire market has expanded out of proportion.

Today you will see so much advertising offering all sorts of offers and plus special discounts to tempt us into hiring a car, motorbike or scooter for that matter.

The best idea is to hire a car from the Airport because a week’s rent on a small car will often work out cheaper than getting a taxi to your accommodation.

Make yourself aware of the CDW Collision Damage Waiver….

You will probably have €1000.00. taken from your card on the promise you will get it back when you return the car.

We hear lots of stories about people being charged €150.00. for a scratch on the wing or bonnet, how can you argue the point when your back home?

Take pictures from all around the car before you take it away and show them you have, more importantly when you return the car.

The latest we heard of was €85 for a Tyre with a cut in it.

Could be one of the reasons the cars are so cheap, sometimes the monies made when you have gone home.

We recommend you try this company available in Ibiza, just click on the Affordable Car Hire link below to get your friendly quote…

The companies CEO Angela Day said: “I was continually disappointed to hear from customers who, after lengthy flights, had experienced the hard sell of insurance and other products from our budget rental partners.

“We are a service industry and ensuring our customer’s experience is hassle-free is paramount.

“We’ve decided to cull more than half of our rental partners and have introduced a premium service which offers all-inclusive excess-free rentals with our international partners.

“As we move through 2020, we hope our customers will see the difference of being guaranteed premium service at Affordable prices.”