The Old Cannon Square

The old Cannon Square is already sadly missed, especially by those trying to park cars in town.

We miss the few trees with their Banana’s hanging down around the water feature fountain that has seen so many people come and go.

This was one of those special parts of the town…


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  1. Susanne Sharp Reply

    Such a shame. Why on earth would you want to change such a beautiful square?

  2. Robert Grond Reply

    Bluddy Typical….all those old and closed shops will be changing and asking for high rents now as there will be more dam Bars on the new pedestrianised streets.
    We saw this happen with the bars on the Avenida de s’Alameda who won the jackpot with more free property for tables and chairs.
    Does anyone stop to think where all the town people who live in the town are going to park their cars.
    I wonder how many people on the local town council/local government actually live in Santa Eulalia del Rio.

  3. Susan Torres Reply

    Very sad! They should spend the money on more important things! Also consider the small businesses in the plaza de Cannon!
    I for one find it very unessasary.

    Susan Torres

  4. Martin F Reply

    I have been coming here on holiday 3 times a year for the last 20 years, my wife and I look upon this town as our second home.

    What a complete waste of valuable town centre space the new Paseo S’Alamera conversion was, why they never designed it to take in the obvious needs of a turnaround and Taxi Rank is beyond belief.

    Now people are risking their lives getting in and out of Taxi Cabs with the rank being on the very tight squashed narrow lanes of the always busy with traffic high street.

    The architect of the monstrosity wants his qualifications checked, that’s if they had any or maybe it was a friend of a friend who is good at drawing.

    Apparently the Cannon Square is now going to have the same treatment and with the big business already moving in and looking for top spots, like banks and Coffee houses.

    Eventually this is going to be the new town centre and poser’s destination, Isidoro Macabich street will have nothing but banks up the top and middle then more luxury businesses like the ‘Estel’ restaurant at the bottom.

    This island has gone mad with the word ‘Lux’

    Removing the trees so people can see the sea is just un impossible story to believe and who ever could invent such a reason for cutting down the lovely old plants and palm tree is a disgrace to the community.

    The old town hall forecourt and fountains have already lost people interest and has now been taken over by the skate board gangs, after 22.00.hrs it’s a ghost town.

    This town is dying and it needs people from all parts of the island, not just tourists to shop using the great selection of things the town has to offer, this means parking is such a valuable item, they are also taking millions of euros away in parking tickets revenue.

    I have heard story that they are making a large public carpark on the edge of town near the hospital/medical centre, what good is that when you need to pop into town buy a loaf of bread and have to park and walk half a mile.

    The town hall has lost its marbles somewhere, but are the streets paved with gold that we don’t know about?

  5. Landis Reply

    People pay to go to Santa Eulalia because of it’s old world charm and relaxing atmosphere and it looks like they are trying to turn it into a concrete covered clone of other tourist destinations, removing the charm of this beautiful town will I imagine turn people off from going there, I hope not, but they are ruining it