One in four to take more holidays

One in four to take more holidays over next three years

Almost a quarter of AITO customers will book more holidays over the next three years, according to research.

When asked: “Thinking about your holidays over the next three years, do you think you will be taking more, less or the same amount of holidays?”,  67% said they would take the same amount, 22% said they’d take more, while only 11% said they expected to take fewer holidays.

The majority of respondents have not been affected by ongoing uncertainty around Brexit as far as holiday choices, with 80% saying Brexit uncertainty has not influenced the holidays they have taken so far this year, compared to 16% who said Brexit had impacted their decision.

Looking ahead to next year, 66% said Brexit uncertainty would have no influence on the holidays they planned to take, while 22% said Brexit would have an impact.

The research, revealed at the AITO conference, also showed the failure of Thomas Cook has had no negative effect on bookings, while 34% of respondents said they are yet to plan their next holiday.

Knowledge and expertise were given as the number-one reason customers choose an AITO member, closely followed by the fact the member is a specialist in a particular holiday. Previous good experience was cited as the third reason to book with an AITO member.

Value for money and personal service came fourth and fifth on the list.

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