Take Off Ibiza – Power Boat Charter

Take Off Ibiza Powerboat Charter

Take off Ibiza has everything for that perfect day with watersports.

Parasailing: One of the most incredible and exciting activities to do in Ibiza!

An excursion on board of our state of the art boat and an unforgettable flight, floating from a parachute in the sky at any height up to 400 meters along the coast of Ibiza.

Unforgettable views of the beautiful beaches, mountains, cliffs and nature reserve islands of Ibiza and the San Antonio Bay.

For the braver ones, have a dip in the sea while still hanging from your parachute, just sit down relax and enjoy the views.

Speed Boat Adventure: An activity that combines pleasure, relaxation and fun.

An excursion around the north or south coast of the island, visiting the wonderful beaches, nature reserve islands, caves, reefs, places with historical interest, celebrity mansions, crystal blue waters and much more.

During any of the stops we do along the way, you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing.

We also offer the possibility to discover the sea on our exclusive water jet skis.

Seabobs and Sea jets Bladefish.

A once in a life time experience and beyond description. Music and drinks on board.

Also available for sunset. The activity lasts approximately 2 hours.

Jet Boat 360º: Nothing you have experienced will have you

prepared for the excitement on 0ur Take Off Jet Boat 360.

Water Jet gives you sensations that you have never felt before, it´s a roller coaster on the sea.

This boat has been designed specially to ride the waves, do 180º- 360º spins, power break stops, wave jumping, speed and adrenaline ride.

Ibiza´s original, the fastest, craziest, one and only stunt boat.

500 HP, don´t accept imitations.

Seabobs: Discover the sea.

Yes, that’s right, it’s now actually possible to move through the water like a fish.

If you’re looking for the ultimate driving experience, and discover the water.

Fantastically engaging, the Seabob offers unlimited thrills and action in water.

Nothing can prepare you for this amount of fun – sporty driving or diving safely under water.

It’s all possible with a Seabob.

Either on the surface or at depth. The new and unforgettable, once in a life time experience.

Beyond description.

Bladefish: Bladefish SeaJet is an underwater propulsion system that will help you and your family enjoy the ocean like never before.

With Bladefish you will discover the amazing world that lies below the water surface and will allow you to go on a new adventure every time.

You will reach places you never before imagined you could get to.

All of a sudden life under water will be a lot more exciting for your family and friends.

Why just lay around the beach or boat when you reach your destination?

Bladefish is one of the most entertaining activities there is for families. With Bladefish everyone will enjoy the sea like never before!

JET PACKs: The Jet Pack, flyboard and hoverboard are devices that

help drive both air and water. After a few minutes you can already move in the water like a dolphin and defy gravity as a superhero.

The nozzles give the push and tilt can be moved in different directions.

Therefore, it is a mixture of passions, jet ski, snowboard, and acrobatic diving. Boat and instructor included.

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