It is always easy to find a taxi stand at the airport but pending what time you travel will there be one available for you and your family? If not this means standing in long queues especially in peak season. You also have the option and book a Transfer Bus or private Taxi services that run regularly to all the resorts which obviously saves you money when shared with other people who are dropped off in turn at the different resorts.


Top transfer companies specialise in collecting and dropping off at airports, in the last 2 years this type of service has risen sharply in popularity and every year more have appeared forcing big competition on prices. You really need to choose the company you use carefully because we have heard stories of some clients not being picked up from their hotel and having to book a local taxi in order to catch the flight.


Booking in advance is certainly the best thing to do, especially if you arrive late night or very early hours of the morning when there are less taxis but lots more flights. This is your holiday and the very last piece of a tiring journey, think how nice it would be you’ve already booked your private car, minibus or shared shuttle online.


You know you’ve paid a sensible price and every detail was confirmed before you left and when you arrive right on cue, your driver is waiting for you at the airport.


Here we have chosen the companies that are known to us from previous clients and recommendations.

Happy Holidays!