The Bliss Factory Ibiza

The Bliss Factory Ibiza

Are you having a party, but you don’t know where to start cooking?
We provide finger food custom made for you, just put on the table…

Are you having a boat trip or just an amazing beach day with friends and family?

We make you a picnic basket specially made for your needs with or without drinks.
the only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Please contact us for more info or just order online.

We created an environment for you where you can enjoy fresh homemade food for everybody.

Our concept is happy, healthy, blissed.

Food that makes you happy, keeps you healthy and puts you in a state of total bliss. (happiness)

You can eat in or take away, compose your own breakfast, salad or veggie bowl or simply enjoy our ready made healthy snacks/lunches like quiches, wraps, samosas, etc.

We also have different kinds of smoothies that fits nicely into every diet like keto, protein or plant based only.

We also do vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and lactose free options.

Everything we make is elaborated by or own hands and made with love
and a crazy twist.

So come and enjoy the happy, healthy, blissed experience.

You will be blissed away!

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