Es Broll – Traditional Folk Dancers

Es Broll Folk

Es Broll folk, the components of the Folkloric Group “Es Broll” gives a feeling that we are heirs of our history, we try to collect and promote the traditional Ibizan dances.

The dances of Ibiza, have preserved over the centuries, an astonishing purity that must be attributed to the fact of living isolated and the conservative character of the Ibizan people.

The musical instruments are all hand-made and native materials stand out the juniper castanets for their large size.

The clothing especially that of the woman is very striking due to the pectoral overlap of the “emprendadas” (jewelry set in gold or coral and silver) that represent a clear language among the peasantry, to express their economic level.

The dances surprised by their simple beauty because of their great personality and their ritual air have been qualified by recognized folklorists as a true living fossil.

Here they are performing Traditional Folk Dance at the Puig de Missa Church, Santa Eulalia del Rio. Ibiza.

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