Ibiza Car Hire

Renting a car was always an expensive treat when on holiday but now those days have gone and the car hire market has expanded out of proportion.

Today you will see so much advertising offering all sorts of offers and plus special discounts to tempt us into hiring a car.

The best idea is to hire a car from the Airport, because a week’s rent on a small car will sometimes work out cheaper than getting a taxi to your accommodation.

Make yourself aware of the CDW Collision Damage Waiver, you will probably have €1000.00 taken from your card.

We hear lots of stories about people being charged €150.00. for a scratch on the wing or bonnet.

Take pictures from all around the car before you take it away and show them you have, more importantly do it when you return the car.

Could be one of the reasons the cars are so cheap to hire in some places and sometimes the monies made when you have gone home.

We recommend you use a well-known companies available on the above search engine and take out good insurance.