Old Town Hall

Old Town hall is a beautiful old building still in use today and one of the last historical places left in the town to enjoy, now having been renovated dates from the 1795.

Built in the 19th Century in typical Ibicenco style of architecture and is a reminder of old times, in the square is an old air raid shelter, that was used during the Spanish civil war in 1937

Nowadays the building is less functional as a town hall and is used more for a more civic representative purpose.

The Stone Monument

There is a stone monument outside the town hall that was erected by the city of Palma, Mallorca, this was to thank and honour the local fishermen who, on 17 January 1913, rescued victims of the shipwrecked steamboat Mallorca

This boat had run aground on a reef near the rocky inlet of Redona at Punta Arabi.

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